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Spring Summer Reminder
Posted on Mar 3rd, 2022

Spring is ALMOST here. In order to protect your property values and preserve the beauty of the Crenshaw Park community, the HOA Board would like to remind you of some things that should be considered this time of year. If you are needing recommendations for certain types of services, let us know we will gladly share a list vendors.
Spring Clean Up
Please inspect the area around your home and perform a general Spring clean-up.  Holiday lighting & decorations should be removed.  
Lawn and Yard Maintenance 
Lawns are turning green once again.  Please be advised that lawns should be mowed regularly BEFORE they are overgrown-- approximately every 10 days.  Treat your lawn for weeds if necessary. 
In addition to pruning all trees, hedges, & shrubbery, edging along the curbs & the driveway is also a required lawn maintenance responsibility of the Homeowner.  Failure to maintain your lawn can result in costly fines.  Your cooperation in this community improvement effort is greatly appreciated.
Please inspect the exterior of your home for dirt and mildew and make plans to have the exterior pressure washed to remove any build-up.
Homeowners are encouraged to closely examine their homes and repaint all fading or peeling areas if necessary.  Remember that changing the color of your home will require board (ACC) approval.  However, if you are painting your home to match its existing color, no approval is necessary. 
Spring Projects
Please take this time to replace all missing or damaged shutters.
As the days get warmer and longer, a lot of people will begin projects on their homes.  Please remember, in the spirit of maintaining property value, we ask that you submit a request to the Board with your intended project, for approval, to avoid costly fines.  All exterior modifications must have Board (ACC) approval.  Yard art, sculptures, flags, basketball goals, satellite dishes, fences, & repainting are among the most common examples that would need approval.  Please email your request to Your efforts spent regarding exterior improvements (when approved) are appreciated as they enhance the appeal of our community.
Smoke Detectors
Your home’s smoke detectors are a vital safety component for the occupants of your home and probably one of the most neglected.  Smoke detectors have a life expectancy of approximately 10 years.  It is recommended by the manufacturer that they be tested weekly & cleaned monthly.  Take care your detector is in working order and replace batteries if necessary.
With warm weather comes more leisure time outdoors for pets & owners alike.  The Association would like to remind everyone that our Covenants state that all pets are to be leashed when outside except when confined in a fence. All pet waste must be picked up immediately. Please do not litter the common areas or your neighbor’s lawns with your pet’s excrement.
These are just a few violations that are subject to fines. Use this list as a checklist to ensure to remain in compliance with the ACC and Bylaws of the Community.
Failure to install fresh pine-straw/mulch/gravel to all landscaping beds.
Weeds in lawn or landscaping beds. 
Neglected trees, hedges, & shrubbery that are in need of pruning.
Failure to mow lawn regularly (once every 10-14 days recommended)
Failure to edge along curb and driveway
Pets that roam free without a leash
Allowing your pet to litter someone else’s lawn with excrements
Any exterior alteration or addition to your property without ACC approval (Yard art, fences, sculptures, flags, lawn lights, roofing or painting alterations, landscaping/plant additions, etc.)
Failure to remove mold/mildew from siding.
Thank you for all you do to keep Crenshaw Park a beautiful place to live!
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